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Reviews for Heathers, the Musical:

"Sammi Cohen plays the bulimic, quiet Heather Duke to hilarious perfection, with glorious side eye moments."– Leah Stacy, CITY Newspaper


Reviews for Beehive:

"...These two talented and beautiful actresses, Sammi Cohen and Courtney Weather, shook the walls of the theatre with their thundering vocal prowess. Powerful and beautiful vocals can only describe these two talented individuals who not only brought entertainment to Blackfriars Theater, but to the city of Rochester itself." – Nicholas Gray, NY Theatre Guide (named "Top 5 Shows of the Week")



Reviews for Handle With Care:



"Cohen and Abdunnasir share a lovely chemistry, and the scenes between the two of them are easily the play's strongest ... Cohen is the standout, however; great in a difficult role that often requires her to use only her body language and inflection to get Ayelet's feelings across to the audience (at least those who don't speak fluent Hebrew)."  – Adam Lubitow, CITY Newspaper


"Handle with Care has all the makings of a hit romantic comedy [and] is led by a cast that’s brilliantly intuitive, likeable and young ... In addition to learning her lines, Cohen, who doesn’t speak Hebrew, spent hours learning translations and pronunciations used in the show. Her interpretation of the Israeli foreigner is at once enchanting and childlike, creating a palpable chemistry between her and Abdunnasir ... There isn’t a single weak link in the cast — they’re all perfectly fitted for their roles."  
– Leah
Stacy, Democrat and Chronicle

Reviews for Rapunzel! Rapunzel!:


"Aunt Lady Za Za is wonderfully played by Sammi Cohen, who sang the part so impressively that at one point I thought she was lipsyncing to a soundtrack. But, no, she’s just that talented. A standout performance was her bluesy number in the hair salon, 'It’s All About Me.'" – Dresden Engle, KidsOutAndAbout.Com


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